Pre-shipment timeline - show updates on the tracking page before the order is shipped.

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 03-11-2022

We release a new feature today - the ability to show preset shipping messages directly on your tracking page. The feature let you specify different timelines - per product and/or order tags to provide better granularity based on the needs. It targets multiple pains in e-commerce is experiencing.

  • Having long fulfilment times;
  • Having handmade products with different fulfilment times, based on directly shipped products;
  • Pre-orders;
  • Local delivery setups;

Feel free to read more at:

OCU Checkout extension for Shopify Plus

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 01-11-2022

We released today Rush Checkout Extensions build for Shopify Checkout pages. The checkout page is the highest intention page for all e-commerce stores, but so far Shopify did not support one-click upsells, leading to untapped revenue on the Checkout page. With Rush Checkout Extensions, you can introduce specific variants to your customers that will increase the average order value for any order.

Best of all, it is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, where you can customize all your setup.

Read more:

Multiple product review apps added

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 07-10-2022

Multiple product review app integrations on the tracking page and notifications to drive more customers reviews. Our full list of supported apps now includes:

  • A2Reviews - Product Reviews
  • Ali Reviews
  • AliReviews: Ali Reviews App
  • Areviews - Reviews Importer
  • Fera
  • Helpful Product Review App
  • Junip
  • LAI Ali Reviews
  • LOOX
  • Okendo
  • Opinew Product Reviews App UGC
  • Product Reviews & photos - EA
  • Product Reviews Autoketing
  • Product Reviews by Shopify
  • Proviews - Product Reviews Q&A
  • Rivo
  • Rivyo Product Reviews & QA
  • Ryviu: Aliexpress Reviews App
  • VS Ali Reviews
  • Yotpo

Find out more.

Enjoy special collection of discounts, extended trials and more from your favorite Shopify apps

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 30-09-2022

We just released a collection with discounts and deals from selected partners!

You can find them going to the Perks menu from Rush. Enjoy!

Carrier information - deprecated

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 29-09-2022

We had deprecated the ability to customize carrier information in your tracking page configurations. 

Moving forward for any customization or change on carrier visualizations use Carrier masking .

Better Blacklisting and Carrier masking

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 02-09-2022

New feature - Carrier masking

We had released a new - more granular way to present carriers to your visitors. Now you can:

  • Change (mask) specific or all carriers;
  • Fully hide specific or all carriers;

Go your shipments and click on Carrier masking

So now you can hide only Specific carriers from your tracking page.

So carries like SFExpress:

Will be hidden as:

While other carriers will be shown:

Please refer for more information on our knowledge base on Carrier maskings and Carrier masking for dropshippers.

Note moving forward we will be deprecating the Carrier information box from the tracking page options at the start of Oct 2022, so you will be able to manage carrier preference from one place only.

Improved feature - Blacklisting

We had released also better blacklisting options - improved search and replace functionality and replace with empty.

If you select this particular empty option - we will remove all cities/countries that are related to Hong Kong and any city/country in Asia. Basically, for this setup you can skip Hong Kong, as Hong Kong is in Asia.

Now you can also pick a very specific city to replace in Blacklisting, and we will replace all occurrences of the cities in Asia with Rouen, France.


Shipments CSV export improvements

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 01-06-2022

This improvement is aimed to help export large amounts of data at once. This update will allow you to:

  • Export up to 25k lines of shipments.
  • Export based on orders and columns selected.
  • Exported CSV in your native language.

Improved dashboard information summary

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 31-05-2022

Improved Dashboard information summary provides a detailed view of shipments with different statuses. These details include:

  • Updates on shipment status.
  • Total order value displayed.
  • Number of returned shipments and their total order value.
  • Number of shipments in Failed to deliver status for more than 3 days and its total order value.
  • Number of shipments in Pickup ready status for more than 3 days and its total order value.
  • Number of shipments without carrier updates for more than 2 weeks.
  • Number of shipments without carrier updates for more than 3 weeks.
  • Number of shipments with expired tracking numbers.
  • Number of unfulfilled orders and their total order value.

The aim of this report is to provide store owners with a hawk-eye view of their brandโ€™s performance and to take appropriate action where necessary.

New Shipments UI

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 30-05-2022

New updated Shipments Screen:

An improved user interface for Shipments which is easier to navigate through and provides additional support with features like:

  • More filter options.
  • Wider search support.
  • ETA, first and last-mile carriers displayed right in front.
  • Improved page loading speed.
  • Moving back and forth between shipment items will not affect the selected filter.
  • Open shipments in a new tab with CTRL / Command + click.
  • Select/copy/paste information from the Shipments tab without entering into shipment details.

DHL carrier updates

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    Slav Stankov
  • on 17-05-2022

Integration with DHL carriers has been improved. Hereโ€™s some of the updates:

  • The list of DHL carriers has been updated.
  • Removed duplicates to avoid confusion.

Now you can pick the required DHL services and Rush will automatically update the carrier and tracking details.

Improved User Experience - Omnisend Configurations

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    Zainab Eazzaqi
  • on 28-04-2022

Improved user experience for Omnisend Configurations

To standardize our app experience, the Omnisend configuration page now opens up as a single holistic page comprising easy to use settings for quick and easy configurations.

Now carrier messages are translated to your tracking page languages ๐Ÿšš ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ ...

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    Zainab Eazzaqi
  • on 26-04-2022

New functionality: Now carrier messages can be translated to the tracking page language selected.

We are launching the beta, if you want to join the beta tests, reach out to the support team.

This improvement aims to help all merchants that ship products to non-English customers, to translate carrier the messages to their native languages.

A tracking page for a store dropshipping to French customers, showing the shipment messages by default in English.

Same tracking page with turned on LOCALIZE SHIPMENT MESSAGES

Improved localization interface of Tracking Page

The localization section of the tracking page was revamped to ease the setup of languages on the tracking page.

Language Configuration

The language section is split into two cards now:

  1. The first section helps you configure your languages settings on the tracking page
  2. The second section, stores your customer language (languages that we do not support out-of-the-box)

Single Language

The primary language will be in English by default. The language can be updated via a dropdown selection.

Multi-Language support

When multi-languages on the tracking page are enabled, there is an option to either use the full set of languages supported by Rush or shortlisted a desired list of languages. 

    Your Languages

    Languages not supported by Rush can be added to the tracking page.

    The new language here can be used as the tracking page default language, as added to the shortlist.

    Small UI modifications

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 29-03-2022

    To improve a few fiction areas, we release Rush App, with few changes.

    1. Blacklisting is now part of Shipments

    As blacklisting applies to all shipments, and anywhere we display it, it did not make sense to keep it on the tracking page. For this reason, it is now under the Shipments section:

    2. Helpful links are added under Page titles.

    This is a UX change that we will keep having, as we want to allow customers to have quick access to more information and good practice.


    3. Big fixes and better error messages.

    App UI update

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 16-03-2022

    Today we released a major UI change of the Rush App:

    • Now app opens in standalone mode rather been embedded inside the Shopify window, giving more space to present information
    • The tracking page is accessible from the left menu, making it easy to access and find
    • Shipments are not open in the new tab, but in the same windows, and can be paginated via the navigation
    • Language picked is moved in the top menu for easy access.


    • Faster page load times
    • Multiple bug fixes and improvements.

    Switching default shipment notification email

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 20-01-2022

    As of Jan 20th, 2022, we are switching Rush Smart Email Notifications default email from to for all Shipments and Order events sent out.

    All functionalities will be kept the same, and you are impacted only if you are using Rush Smart Emails. 

    As a note, all email replies are always going to your default store customer email set, not to rush.

    Change is needed as part of the migration from to domain.

    Released ability to add any language on your tracking page

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 02-12-2021

    By default, Rush provides 25 languages for your tracking page, however worldwide there are more than 160 languages. For that reason we released the ability to add your own languages on tracking and thank you page:

    Now you can create a language for your needs:

    Set it as default language:

    And voilร , your tracking page is fully translated to the language you had created.

    Klaviyo new variables

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 25-10-2021

    Klaviyo now receives 3 new variables on top of the current:

    CleanShot 2021-10-25 at 03
    • order_label - The full order label including the hash and any letters you might use #ST1001, #MS444113;
    • order_note - optional, if there is any note added to the order;
    • order_tags - optional, if there are tags related to the order. It is a Klaviyo's list, that lets you further filtration on triggers. See below:
    CleanShot 2021-10-25 at 03

    Removing Rush branding from stores on free plans

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 25-10-2021

    Reviewing what is important for new store owners, we decided to stop showing "Powered by Rush".

    The change is aligned with our vision at Rush, that we help store owners grow, no matter what is the current plan or the store order volume.

    So say goodbye to Powered by Rush on your free plan.

    CleanShot 2021-10-25 at 05


    Tracking page improve multi-languages

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 22-10-2021

    The tracking page received a language overhaul that is the first step towards a really multilingual experience. Now you select the default language for your customers:

    CleanShot 2021-10-25 at 03

    More on top, you can select to show multi-language picker on the tracking page, by selecting which languages you want to show:

    CleanShot 2021-10-25 at 03

    If you want for us to directly switch the user on a specific language based on the country they are in, you can select the Auto-select language option.

    CleanShot 2021-10-25 at 03

    Note: that Geotagging (a technique we use to map the IP of the visitor to the country they are opening the page from) is not 100% correct, but more than 97%. We also let users pick their own language from the list, so if they pick English, but they live in Denmark, the next time they open the page, it will be in English automatically. This is done to improve the user experience.

    Trials are here! Try Rush before you buy it.

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 01-08-2021

    If you are on the free plan and you are wondering what are the features of the paid plans, now you can test them for 7-days without any commitments.7-day trials are supported across all plans and in-plan switching for the duration of the trial.

    CleanShot 2021-08-01 at 1

    You can read all about trials here:

    Shopify App Usability improvements

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 29-07-2021

    Open shipment details in a new window

    2021-07-29_15-18-52 (2)

    We received multiple requests where seeing shipment details and moving back to all shipments is too slow. Another frequent request is to be able to see multiple shipments simultaneously.Now when you click on shipment, it automatically opens in a new tab.You can also share that link directly with anyone. Just keep in mind that this link is not temporary and it will be active until the app is uninstalled.Bulk Mark as delivered, shipment option


    You can now mark easily all shipments that you wish directly as delivered. Keep in mind that manually marking them as delivered does not triggest any notifications. And we no longer keep track or update the shipments data.

    Releasing Estimated Time of Delivery/Arrival (ETA)

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      Slav Stankov
    • on 10-07-2021

    Now your customers are able to see ETA for their deliveries. This feature aims to lower your support inquiries and create a better customer experience.Currently, we support only USPS and DHL, near future FedEx, but we plan to support all carriers at some point.You are able to find this information, as always on the shipment details page in the Rush App:

    CleanShot 2021-07-10 at 12

    Your customers will be able to see that information on tracking pages.

    CleanShot 2021-07-10 at 12

    Traditional/DYI tracking page


    Modern tracking pageWe include this information for all EMS โ†’ Klaviyo and Omnisend. So do not forget to add it to your transactional emails.

    CleanShot 2021-07-10 at 12